Harley Posing On A Mini Chopper

Harley Posing On A Mini Chopper! Larry Groah submitted a photo of his little biker dog named Harley! Harley has clocked over 50,000 miles in a little over 4 years riding with Larry. Most recent was a 4,000 mile round trip to Sturgis. But unlike many biker dogs, he rides on Larry’s shoulder and arm rather than on the tank, seat or in a bag. Here is a great shot of how he loves to pose on a Mini Chopper. Scroll down and see the video of them actually riding!

Harley Posing On A Mini Chopper

Larry and Harley out for a day of riding!

And the video of them riding! Amazing little dog!

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  1. I have watched most of larry and harley’s blogs/videos and really enjoy them, harley is a class act, really great little dog,

    Stay safe you two, and i look forward to watching all your future journeys,
    Larry and Harley ride on and ride free…

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