18 thoughts on “Harley Davidson Chopper vs. Sport Bike Race”

  1. I think the whole point of the race was to teach the kid a little something about the technical side of how engines work. The 70 hp Harley will always win a short race due to its bigger torque @ low rpms. The larger hp Yamasuki will win the longer race since it will reach its max hp @ higher rpms.

  2. 20 yrs ago i drove from amsterdam to heerlen, 200km in 55 minutes. (on a 1100cc zzr kawa)
    would love to see a harley do that.

    i had a 79 electra with an 84evo, and a 2008 crossbone, nice bikes, but no way faster than race bikes.

    but for the movie? nice joke 😉

  3. I have had that same race different story when 1000 sporster went up against my 900 z1 kawasaki yes he had hp and torque but shifting at 10 grand he lost and i only got to third gear at well over 100 mph

  4. seriously hippies boys?
    the fireblade only starts to get the power at around 8000 rpm, and thats where this “race” stops, after 100m, thats not a race, on the quarter mile the fireblade would set a time of 10 seconds flat, and that old piece of junk maybe 18 seconds if he’s lucky.. and i’m not even bringing up cornering abilities here, cause that would be completely ridicilous.. all you chopper fans, like what you want, but stop making a fool out of yourselves comparing it to a sports bike when it comes to speed and power, please

  5. That was a bullshit race. The street bike almost ran into parked cars on the side of the road. Everyone knows that if you don’t rev a sport bike high enough it won’t jump off the line fast enough to match the torque of a Harley motor, and they didn’t even have enough room for the street bike to really hit it’s power curve or even run out first gear. Take it to an actual 1/4 mile and that chopper will get bitch whipped all day.

  6. The kid on the crotch rocket is scared of it, inexperienced, and launches it like he’s trying not to spill his coffee. If the kid could ride it would look a whole lot different.

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