Harley Davidson Red Rocket


You know, there’s this one shop that’s been doing something pretty remarkable in the world of motorcycles. They’ve been crafting entire families of custom bikes, even spinning off their own versions inspired by their Battle of the Kings (BOTK) entries. And what’s even more impressive? They’ve been doing it consistently for a solid quarter of a century. These folks just never stopped, and the result is nothing short of awe-inspiring.


Let me introduce you to Thunderbike, a shop that’s been making waves in the motorcycle world. Back in 2019, they showcased their creativity with a stunning FXDR 114-based custom build called “Roar.” This masterpiece was all about unleashing the spirit of a deep and evil dragster.

Now, take a look at what they’ve cooked up next – the “Red Rocket.” It’s another FXDR-based creation, inspired by the Roar but with its unique twist. The first thing that catches your eye is the striking paint job, giving it a distinct personality.


But there’s more to this beauty than meets the eye. It’s been treated to some serious mechanical upgrades, including the impressive Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde exhaust system with upward-pointing mufflers, a custom manifold system, and an air ride and fork setup that brings it closer to the ground for that mean, aggressive stance.

Under the hood, or should I say under the tank, you’ll find a Stage IV kit that boosts the engine’s displacement to a robust 117 ci (that’s 1.9 liters of pure power). These are the same modifications that made the Roar roar. To ensure everything runs like a dream, they’ve even come up with a special mapping just for the Red Rocket.


Now, here’s the kicker – Thunderbike didn’t hold back when it came to customization. They’ve added around 30 custom parts and bits to this masterpiece, tallying up to roughly €10,000 (or about $12,200 at today’s exchange rates). And remember, that doesn’t even include the base motorcycle, the mesmerizing paint job, the countless hours of craftsmanship, and that impressive exhaust system.


In the world of custom motorcycles, Thunderbike is like an artist’s studio, where every creation tells a unique story. The Red Rocket is just another chapter in their saga of innovation and passion for two-wheeled artistry. So, if you’re looking for a bike that’s not just a ride but a work of mechanical art, the Red Rocket by Thunderbike might just be your dream come true.