Couple Builds Custom Choppers | Motorcycles

Scott and Linda Spain built these bikes as a matched pair. One that would reflect their different personalities, make a statement about women being able to design and build custom motorcycles and be visually stunning when seen apart or especially when they are together. Most important was no compromise engineering in the build.
Scott’s sled: 2006 BBC Sled Pro-Street with pages of High end/High performance extras.
Linda’s sled: 2006 Pro-One. Linda and Steve at P1 worked together in the factory making this “shelved prototype” come to life.
Both bikes are S&S/Baker drivetrains.

Custom Choppers by Scott

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  1. Both bikes are stunning and women are very creative and completly at home building bikes ,cars or jst abt anything they set thier minds too. Awesome build folks !!!

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