Big Bear Athena Prostreet Chopper

Athena ProStreet’s striking stance comes from the lowered frontend with a sunken seat, making her sleek and slammed. This long and low machine handles remarkably well because of her low center of gravity and balanced ergonomics. The sunken seat allows you to be positioned inside the chassis, adding to the unique sensation of riding low to the ground. The hot rod hole drilled outer skins on the stretched patented frame, her Devil’s Tail swingarm with matching rear fender and the artistically created fuel tank are some of the unique characteristics of the Athena ProStreet that gives her a head-turning, custom one-off impression, but with the reliability and ridability of an extensive engineered production motorcycle. The 100 SMOOTH™ low vibration powerplant adds to the reliability of the motorcycle with a high comfort level of the rider without sacrificing power and price. The Athena ProStreet is a unique fusion of power, elegance and comfort that pushes the boundaries of riding pleasure. Unlike everything else out there, it’s unlike everything that’s out there.

“The bike tracks confidently on the open road and swoops predictably through the sweepers, and with the aforementioned utter lack of vibration, the miles pile on effortlessly.”

Design Features:
• Proprietary patented mid-section stretch in the frame for better weight distribution and handling
• Super low neck height with an aggressive 44° rake for a long -n- low awe-inspiring stance
• Very low seat height of 20” that enhances the riding senses and enables low speed confidence
• Unique radius dual downtubes and stretched backbone
• Trick ‘hot rod’ hole drilled outer skins on downtube, oil tank and rear fender struts
• Creative large capacity fuel tank that meets seamlessly into the seat
• Exclusive hand crafted rear fender design
• Patented oil tank holds 5 quarts of oil for engine optimization
• Custom patented Devil’s Tail™ exclusive swingarm
• Comfortable handlebar design

Component Features:
• 100″ SMOOTH™ Low Vibration Polished Engine at 112 lbs. of Torque
• 6-Speed Right-Side Drive Polished Transmission
• Billet Enclosed Wet Chain Primary Drive
• Forged Billet Wheel Choice with 21” Front and 300mm Rear Tire
• 4-Piston Brakes with Rear Belt Drive-Side™ Brake System
• Chrome Frontend with Hidden Axle Design
• Chrome Foot and Hand Controls
• Chrome Digital Dash
• Chrome Radius Tuned Exhaust