2002 Harley Davidson VRSCA Custom


The 2002 Harley-Davidson VRSCA, a motorcycle that effortlessly combines beauty, brawn, and a sense of adventure. If you’re looking for a ride that turns heads and makes your heart race, this is the one.

Buckle up, motorcycle enthusiasts, because we’re about to dive into the captivating world of the 2002 Harley-Davidson VRSCA. If you have a love for iconic bikes that effortlessly blend beauty and power, you’re in for a treat. Join us as we uncover the soul-stirring details of this classic ride, from its sculpted elegance and revolutionary engine to its modern suspension and the limitless potential for customization.

Discover why the VRSCA isn’t just a motorcycle; it’s a work of art on wheels. Whether you’re a seasoned rider, an admirer of fine craftsmanship, or simply seeking inspiration for your next adventure, this journey promises to ignite your passion for the open road.


Custom 2002 Harley Davidson VRSCA

Customization Potential: One of the most exciting aspects of owning a Harley-Davidson is the ability to make it uniquely yours. The 2002 VRSCA provides a fantastic canvas for customization. Whether you want to add custom exhaust pipes, swap out the seat, or experiment with paint and graphics, the possibilities are endless.

The Harley in the pictures, the American muscle bike we have here is the recipient of a Garret turbocharger, a piece of hardware that, even if we’re not told how much more punch it gives this particular bike, is known to significantly increase that in other applications.


The motorcycle started life as a 2002 VRSCA, meaning the first model year of this member of the muscle car family. Aside from the said turbo, and the addition of a Jaates-designed exhaust system, the two-wheeler was also severely beefed from a visual standpoint.

The engine spins new wheels, measuring 19-inch front and 18-inch rear, and wrapped in Metzeler rubber. They’re painted red, just as the lettering on the Rick’s fuel tank, and, together with the chrome fork, they are the only elements that contrast the otherwise perfectly black build.


The fork we mentioned is the beneficiary of a lowering kit and offset at the rear by an Ohlins suspension also modified by Jaates. The rear wheel is a 300 mm conversion, the usual bit chosen by people in the market of giving V-Rods new looks.

Arlen Ness supplied the brake pedal and shifter pegs, Kellerman the turn signals, and motogadget the instruments.

Boasting a drag-style handlebar and “F1 mirrors,” as the builder calls them, the extreme V-Rod rolled out the garages doors a while ago, but sadly (and as usual when it comes to these Europeans) we are not being told how much it cost to put together. Just to give you a starting point on that, consider a used VRSCA from that year (and mostly in stock form) generally sells on average from just under $10,000.


2002 Harley Davdison VRSCA

Sculpted Elegance: From the moment you lay eyes on it, the 2002 VRSCA oozes sculpted elegance. Its flowing lines, chrome accents, and the unmistakable Harley-Davidson logo proudly displayed on the tank are nothing short of breathtaking. This bike is pure eye candy.

Revolutionary Power: Underneath that stunning exterior lies a revolutionary heart—a liquid-cooled, 1130cc Revolution V-Twin engine. With its sleek and modern design, this powerhouse is a departure from the traditional Harley air-cooled engines, and it packs a serious punch. The engine’s performance is like a symphony of power and precision, and the rumble is pure music to the ears.

Sophisticated Suspension: The VRSCA boasts a cutting-edge suspension system that gives you a smooth, controlled ride. The front end features an inverted fork, while the rear suspension is a work of art with a concealed, adjustable shock absorber. It’s a combination that offers comfort and confidence whether you’re cruising city streets or tackling winding country roads.

Meticulous Detailing: Harley-Davidson is renowned for its meticulous attention to detail, and the 2002 VRSCA is no exception. The fit and finish are flawless, with every component feeling like it was crafted with precision and care. Even the smallest touches, like the chrome accents and the signature Harley-Davidson emblem, add to the bike’s overall allure.

Comfort & Practicality: Despite its aggressive appearance, the VRSCA doesn’t skimp on comfort. The ergonomically designed seat, footpegs, and handlebars make for a comfortable, long-distance ride. Plus, it comes with practical features like a responsive braking system and ample storage for your essentials.

Classic Appeal: The VRSCA manages to strike a balance between classic Harley-Davidson heritage and a bold, modern design. It’s a timeless beauty that captures the essence of freedom, rebellion, and the open road.

In a world filled with motorcycles, the 2002 Harley-Davidson VRSCA stands out as a true work of art. It’s a bike that not only defines beauty but also delivers an exhilarating riding experience. If you’re in the market for a motorcycle that’s more than transportation – it’s a statement, a lifestyle, and a piece of rolling art – the VRSCA is calling your name. So why wait? Let the wind be your guide on this magnificent machine.