1969 Shovelhead Motorcycle

Matt Barker’s 1969 Shovelhead from Street Chopper magazine! Great photo guys!

Happy Halloween Chopper Fans

Happy Halloween Chopper Fans! What a great way to ride the roads the end of October!

Smooth Street Chopper

This ride was featured in Street Chopper Magazine in July 2012.

Chris Staab’s 1949 Fairy Duster

Chris Staab’s 1949 “Fairy Duster” Panhead Street Chopper Feature. Clean lines and smooth molding grace this panhead with dream-like paint. It was my favorite entry at the 2010 Grand National Roadster Show.

BBC Sled

BBC Sled! Thanks for sending us this picture Johnny! Nice shine! Submitted by: Johnny Jaws

German Custom

Hardcore Customs from Germany! Good looking fan photo submission of this custom chopper. Thanks for sending it to us Brad! Submitted by: Brad Goins