Mike’s Home Built Chopper | Best Motorcycles

Fan photo submission of his handmade home built chopper! 2011 max metal work frame,113 s&S bdl open belt,baker tranny. Hand fabricated rear fender, seat, handle bars,all the points to the frame, bodywork, painting and assembly done by Mike. Submitted by: Mike

Doug’s Latest Project | Custom Built Chopper Motorcycle

My latest chop. The only work I sent out was the chrome plating. (3 in S&S motor, Baker 6 and belt drive. Alternator left side, rear belt drive. I made bars, risers, oil tank, pipes, most of the gas tank and tail light, foot controls,...

Dewayne’s 2004 Custom Chopper | Motorcycle

Dewayne Burton shared his bike! A 2004 custom built chopper motorcycle with awesome flames! Submitted by: Dewayne Burton

2003 Redneck Engineering | Best Motorcycles

Fan photo submission from Chris Hodges of 2003 Redneck Engineering Low Life ProStreet Chopper. ProStreet with 100ci. RevTech and 250 back tire. Choppers make the best motorcycles. Great motorbike photo!

Old School Rigid | Motorcycle

Paul Hargraves shared his 2001 Evo, 6 speed Old School Rigid chopper motorcycle. Submitted by: Paul Hargraves

Freedom Chopper | Wild West Motor Company

This kick’in ride was built by our good friend and Legendary Bike Builder Jim Winn from “Wild West Motor Company” Honoring Our Nation’s Heroes The U.S. Soldier & Veteran Uah! Submitted by: Tim Alan