Grim Reaper Custom Chopper Motorcycle

Grim Reaper Chopper Motorcycle Video

This totally outrageous chopper is owned and built by Sonny Newby of London Ontario, Canada. The bike is the definition of a drivable work of art. Listen to Sonny describe what he used to build the bike.

Custom Bicycle Chopper

Fan photo submission! He asked if this qualified as a chopper. It is a chop job for sure. Bicycle chopper.

Happy Halloween Chopper Fans

Happy Halloween Chopper Fans! What a great way to ride the roads the end of October!

Smooth Street Chopper

This ride was featured in Street Chopper Magazine in July 2012.

Purple Magic

This clean custom chopper is simple and full of purple color! Nice bike.

Gustav Skippone Chopper

Belarus-based Yuri Shif built the mysteriously named Gustav Skippone around a 107ci S&S V-twin and transmits its 95 hp through a Baker 6-speed gearbox and Continental rubber.