Clean and Green Chopper Motorcycle

Clean and Green Chopper Motorcycle

Clean and green chopper motorcycle! Chopper shared by Jason Halter, fan photo submission to Totally Rad Choppers.

Voodoo Child Chopper | Motorcycles

Voodoo Child Custom Built Chopper Motorcycle

The Sunshine State Voodoo Child Chopper Motorcycle. Oustanding art and paint on this custom built chopper motorcycle.

Grim Reaper Custom Chopper Motorcycle

Grim Reaper Chopper Motorcycle Video

This totally outrageous chopper is owned and built by Sonny Newby of London Ontario, Canada. The bike is the definition of a drivable work of art. Listen to Sonny describe what he used to build the bike.

Yamaha Road Star Midnight | Motorbike

Yamaha Road Star Midnight

Raymond Wood shared a picture of his 2002 Yamaha Road Star Midnight Motorcycle. Great photo, thanks for sharing Raymond!

Big Bear Venom | Motorcycles

Big Bear Venom Chopper Motorcycle

Ander’s Big Bear Venom Chopper Motorcycle! Nice sled and great looking paint.

2005 BMC Chopper | Motorcycle

2005 BMC Chopper Motorcycle

Mikey Lewis shared his sweet sled with Totally Rad Choppers. A 2005 BMC Chopper Motorcycle.